So it has been a little over a year since my last comic here it seems, and anyone still checking this site may me wondering what happened so here is my explanation of the stopping.

For a while after moving to japan I was overwhelmed with new and exciting things to do so I put it on hold to enjoy myself a bit, and then once I settled into my job here I found that i had very little time to draw. I was working or traveling to and from work about 12 hours a day (more on days when I stayed for club activities or had Japanese class) and any free time on weekends was immediately swallowed up by some event or another going on here.

But once I did start trying to carve out some time for it I ran into a more serious problem, I couldn’t write the strips anymore. I can’t remember how much I’ve gone into it here but I was not well mentally speaking for a long time and PullBox was one of the ways I worked through it. I had a lot of trouble with OCD (Damian) and anxiety (Jenny) as well as some mild depression (kyle). Moving to Japan was part of a long term effort to fix those problems and it was largely successful, but the offshoot was that I no longer had access to what was driving the comic. I tried a few strips but eventually just gave up on it and I haven’t even looked at it months now.

That’s not to say I haven’t been drawing though. I’ve been pushing my art at work here constantly and since I live in the land of manga (where any old stationary store has more and better comic specific supplies than any art store back home), I figured I might give traditional media a go again and with some prodding from my girlfriend I’ve made some progress on a new comic that I will hopefully be releasing at Comitia in two months time, provided our application made it through.

You can follow along with the progress on that comic at